Disappearing settings?

Not for the first time, my iPhone 4S has managed to lose the Personal Hotspot menu item from the settings menu.

When I originally moved from the 3GS to the 4S I was a little surprised (and very disappointed) to find that there was no way to enable the Personal Hotspot via the settings, to enable me to use the iPad over the iPhones 3G connection.

After many resets and a lot of head scratching I spoke with O2 who had me reset the network settings.  This resulted in the Personal Hotspot menu being reinstated but the WiFi settings being completely omitted from the device.  Another reset (hold power key and menu button until the Apple logo appears) and the WiFi settings reappeared.

The Personal Hotspot feature, in my experience, has always been very buggy.  More often than not (and I mean that quite literally) the iPad will not connect to the iPhone and a reset of one or both devices is required to get things working again.

This morning, after having used the Personal Hotspot feature for an hour or so, the menu item disappeared before my very eyes.  One minute it was there, the next it vanished.  I was in the settings menu and actually saw the Personal Hotspot menu item vanish.  I opened up the general>network settings page and the Personal Hotspot item wasn’t there either.


Another iPhone reset the menu item didn’t reappear.  I opened the general>network settings page again and saw the Personal Hotspot item reappear.  I navigated back to the top level settings page and hey presto it was back.

It’s currently working as it should…. for how long I don’t know.

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