Goodbye iOS Notes app

Back in October I wrote a post stating how I was using the iOS Notes app again, following the introduction of iCloud.  I mentioned how I had started to use it quite a lot.

Well, now I’m not.  On Monday I was preparing some important notes that I had created on the native Notes app only to find that one had disappeared and two were present on the iPad but not on the iPhone.  The missing note has gone.   It’s not on either device or on

The two notes that were on the iPad but not on the iPhone are safe.  I disabled all connectivity on the iPad and copied the notes to another app.  Interestingly, when I turned WiFi back on the two notes did not appear on the iPhone.  Similarly, they didn’t disappear from the iPad.  Only when I edited the notes on the iPad did they then sync across to the iPhone.  Strange.

Anyway, the result is that I can’t rely on the app and have, therefore, banished it to the darkest corner of a rarely used folder.

So, what am I using instead?  I’m using the excellent PlainText by Hog Bay Software which syncs over Dropbox, perfectly, without error and has a great user interface.  Look out for a forthcoming review!

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By icraigt

Craig Thornton (@icraigt), Geek Dad, husband of @linsthornton, Principal Engineer at JLR, tech addict. All views my own.