iOS 5.0: Twitter integration

One of the most useful features of iOS 5.0 is, in my opinion, Twitter integration. In the new OS it’s baked right into the heart of pretty much everything.

If, like me, you tweet a lot and get tired of copying something out of one app and pasting it into your Twitter app, you may rejoice at the addition of Twitter integration in iOS 5.0. Yeah ok it’s perhaps never been that much of an issue but by baking Twitter into the OS our lives on Twitter have certainly become a little easier.

For example, on the iPad, when I am perusing my photo albums and spontaneously decide I need to share a photo on Twitter, previously I had to come out of the photo app, open up my twitter app, open up the compose screen, hit the photo button, choose the image, write my tweet and send it. Now I can just select “Tweet” from the actions menu, write my tweet and send it. Simple.


As Twitter functionality is built into the OS, this ability to tweet immediately is available from within many apps. Another great feature of iOS 5.0.

What do you think? Is it useful?

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The photo is of the band Beyond Words, performing during the awards presentation in which they were voted Best Trio 2011 (their second time winning this award).

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