I’m just trying out OmmWriter for the Windows desktop. OmmWriter is a writing application that allows me to work without distraction and even has some nice background music to boot. I really like it and think it could seriously grow on me.

I think I need to invest in the iPad app, although the lack of Dropbox support makes me pause before doing so. With Dropbox support it would almost be a no brainer.

The music included with the app is very well chosen, offering a very soothing and calming ambience to the room whilst working. It doesn’t intrude into your thoughts but distracts you enough fom the background noise, if that makes sense.

The interface is minimal and whilst typing there is nothing else visible.


Move the mouse out of the writing area to the right and a column of circles appear, each with an icon to indicate what they are for. There are options to change the music track (there’s a choice of 3 tracks), text size, font type, background and keyboard as well as the obligatory save/upload options.


Move the mouse to the top of the screen and additional menus appear which offer more options, such as export to PDF, search and text transformations (all uppercase etc).

Working from the desktop version, I guess the Dropbox integration doesn’t really matter as you can save to your Dropbox folders but from the iPad it absolutely matters, at least to me. Yes, I could use GoodReader to bridge the gap between OmmWriter and Dropbox but it’s an unecessary step.

Anyway, this is my first post using OmmWriter. I’m really impressed and think I might have to dabble with the iPad app. It’s a shame there isn’t a basic free version to “try before I buy”.

If you haven’t already, check out OmmWriter (Dana 1 is a free version for the desktop, the one I’m writing this on now). I may even have to upgrade to Dana II. Right now OMMWriter is available for the PC, MAC and iPad. Interestingly, the Dana II version doesn’t have a fixed purchase price. Rather, they let you decide based on your experience of OmmWriter Dana I. Very interesting pricing policy.

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