Internal communication

I tweeted earlier about the need for strong internal communication and had a brief discussion with @LTB27 and @1980_anna on the same subject who had, it seems, been discussing the very same subject earlier.

I’ve worked for 4 companies now, 2 major corporate giants, one brand spanking new startup and a privately owned, moderately sized business.

They have all handled internal communication very differently and, it is fair to say, all have room for improvement. That’s not to say any one of them were / are particularly bad at it but I don’t think companies, in my experience, really give it enough attention. I guess it’s not really fair to say the “company” either as it’s the people within the company that do the communicating. Therefore people need to give more focus and attention to how they communicate internally.

I find that, a lot of the time, people assume that everybody knows what is going on. Assumption is dangerous. Whilst I doubt I am perfect at communicating I certainly try not to assume anything but seek to clarify and confirm understanding. That way there’s no ambiguity and certainly fewer (hopefully none) surprises further down the line.

Anyway, not wanting to go into any particular detail here, just a random thought for the day.

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