Text Candy Pro

When App Candy Productions approached me to review Text Candy Pro I have to admit, I hesitated. This isn’t the kind of app that I would particularly look for in the app store and I didn’t want to be in a situation where I had to review something I didn’t really “get”.

However, having had a few days with Text Candy Pro, memories of old have come flooding back and I find myself trying to think of new images to create. Remember those good old days of ASCII character pictures sent over SMS? That’s where Text Candy Pro comes in.

Text Candy Pro is an app for the iPhone to create text images and send them to friends and loved ones in an entertaining and creative way.

The images have a certain hand-drawn look to them and the number of images you can create are virtually limitless (only your creativity and imagination set the boundaries).

The app comes with several images already available in the 10 categories from which you can choose. There are animals, cartoons, holidays and more. The “Texpics” can be sent via email, Facebook or SMS (although the intention for SMS is that the message is sent from iPhone to iPhone so be aware of that if you expecting the message/picture to look the same on a different phone).

Textpics can be saved to favourites (handy if you use a particular image frequently) and there is a handy “recent” tab in which you can, obviously, view your recent Textpics.

This is a fun app which certainly brought some memories flooding back for me. If ASCII based images are your thing then you’ll get a kick out of Text Candy Pro.

More info about Text Candy PRO is available here.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this app for the review

By icraigt

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