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Please, if you run a blog, set it up so that you can moderate comments.

So many blogs contain comments from very obvious spambots and it never ceases to amaze me how many bloggers overlook the obvious signs.

If the comment is very generic “hey, I love your blog and the way you write, keep posting articles like this”, “my sister/cousin/friend recommended this blog to me and I have to say I really value the information” then it’s almost certainly from a spambot.

Always review the senders name and email address. I can almost guarantee that “free iPhone 5” is not a real person. The same can be said of email addresses and a quick review of the address will usually reveal if it’s genuine or not.

So, if you value your blog and want the most out of it, moderate the comments. Posts from spambots add nothing to your blog. In fact, in my opinion, they take value away from it. Comments, feedback, questions and criticism on our blogs are what we strive to achieve, they all add value and encourage participation and interaction. Spam takes value away and turns readers off.

Most, if not all, blogging platforms offer comment moderating. It’s a very simple process to turn it on. Just log in to the admin dashboard / panel and look for “comments”. The setting for turning on moderating should be fairly straight forward.

Good luck with your blogs and by all means, please add a comment below 🙂

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