Localscope for iPhone

Localscope is a location aware discovery app. It assists in the discovery of services, places to visit, places to shop and so on.

It’s fair to say that, day-to-day, I don’t have a particular need for this kind of app. I’m sure that’s the same for the majority of us. However, when visiting somewhere new or when looking for something out of your ordinary requirements, these apps come into their own.

Localscope assists in the discovery of what’s around you in a number of ways and with a generous dusting of innovative features.

Launching the app presents a comprehensive list of services. This list can be fed from various sources including Google, Bing, Twitter, Foursquare and Wikimapia. Selection is a breeze with a simple flick left or right to select the source.


Tap on any of the places and a list of all venues matching the category is presented. Localscope offers three different views of this information……list, map and augmented reality and again selection is simple, via the tap of the monitor icon in the top right hand corner.


Select one of the venues from the list and a page of details and further options is presented, giving the address, contact number, website address and the option to view on a map or to share via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

Across these various pages, a real-time compass marker constantly provides directional indication.


The addition of some nice user interface and user experience features make this app a pleasure to use. Swipe left and right for quick access to actions, pull down refresh and the ability to turn off GPS to search for places away from your current location.

The app constantly provides direction and distance information so you always know where you need to head.

There are a number of location aware discovery apps on the market but Localscope manages to provide some intuitive features with a nice user interface, making the app a pleasure to use. Couple this with the ability to quickly select from the various information sources and Localscope is a must have app for discovering what is nearby.

Read about Locascope and Cynapse, the company behind the app, over at the Cyanpse website.

Note: in the last few hours of using this app I have experienced several crashes. I suspect this is when in low signal conditions although, at this stage, I haven’t investigated to determine the precise conditions. I have sent the details to Cynapse and will update this post when they get back to me.

22-March Update: Cynapse promptly responded on the issue with the app crashing and stated that it is believed to be due to the iOS 4.3 update and that they are working on a fix already. Look out for an update soon.

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