Momento for iPhone

Momento is a personal (private) diary app for the iPhone.  It’s forté is that it imports feeds from your favourite social media services to capture a detailed and accurate account of your day (see the list of currently supported services below).

In addition to the imported feeds, the app also allows for the creation of “moments” directly in the app.  These “moments” allow for the entry of text, photo, tags, moods, ratings and location to be captured, ensuring your most detailed thoughts are preserved.

The design of the UI is simply beautiful. The combination of layout, colours and fonts work really well and makes the app a pleasure to use.

Currently supported services:

Tweets from Twitter
Facebook Statuses
Flickr Photos Loved Tracks
RSS/Atom Feeds
Foursquare Checkins
Gowalla Checkins
Diggs from Digg
YouTube Videos
Vimeo Videos.

The Momento app offers a great way to maintain your diary on-the-go meaning you never have to miss capturing anything, as it happens.

Version 2 brings with it a host of great new features, the most important being the ability to fully backup and restore your data.

Have a thumb through the various screen captures below and please post your comments.

The Momento app is available in the app store (iTunes link) for just £1.19.

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By icraigt

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