iPhone Visual Voicemail Problem: Solved

After a recent upgrade from non-iPhone to iPhone tariff, I decided to take a look at the previously unavailable “Visual Voicemail” feature.  So, I tapped the call icon, then the voicemail icon and was presented with the following screen.

I entered the required PIN number (and again to verify) and selected the standard greeting (I’m in a deathly quiet office and didn’t want to bellow out the voicemail greeting for the fear of ridicule and torment).

I called my phone, ignored the call and left a voicemail.  The icon changed to show a new voicemail message and I could play it via the Visual Voicemail interface (see below).

I deleted the message and then cleared it from the deleted messages screen.  So far so good.

As I don’t like leaving apps “running” in the background I killed the phone app and went on my merry way.  Curious and wanting to try it again (yes, sad) I launched voicemail again only to be confronted with the setup screen. Strange. I tried this process a couple of times, called 1750 to ensure voicemail was enabled and power cycled the iPhone but every time the phone app was switched off all voicemail settings were apparently forgotten.

So, I carried out a “Reset All Settings”, re-installed my wallpapers, tweaked sounds and other settings back to where I like them and then ran through the process of setting up the visual voicemail, leaving a message and verifying that everything was now working.  It was and is.

Are you missing anything by not having visual voicemail? No.  Other than a visual indication (badge) that you have new voicemail it’s just a different way of hearing your messages.

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By icraigt

Craig Thornton (@icraigt), Geek Dad, husband of @linsthornton, Principal Engineer at JLR, tech addict. All views my own.