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Just a little test

Posted: 10th February 2013 by icraigt in Technology

I’m just trying out the WordPress app on Android. It seems very well featured and, assuming this post shows up, does what I need it to (write and publish blog posts). Clearly it’s early days but so far so good.

I’ve just downloaded Blogsy after watching a couple of the tutorial videos. It seems like a great way to connect your various media streams to your blogs, making photo and image selection (and video) very easy when drafting a blog post. The drag and drop (from your Picasa, Flickr, YouTube accounts) feature works very well […]

WordPress for iOS v2.9.3

Posted: 12th December 2011 by icraigt in Technology
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An update to the excellent WordPress iOS app has just landed, taking it to version 2.9.3. This release addresses a couple of specific bugs (see the screen grab below). I am @iCraigt on Twitter.

WordPress for iOS v2.9.1 available

Posted: 3rd November 2011 by icraigt in Technology
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An update has recently landed for the WordPress iOS app. Now at version 2.9.1, the latest update is a maintenance (bug fix) release offering greater stability. Head over to the App Store now to install the update. I am @iCraigt on Twitter and you can find me on here.

WordPress for iOS updated to v2.9

Posted: 23rd September 2011 by icraigt in Technology
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The already brilliant iOS WordPress app just got a whole lot better with the introduction of version 2.9, featuring much needed additions such as rich text editing, quick links and a lot more space to enter all of your words. It’s so easy to make things bold for example, or to strike out text. Links […]

Time for a makeover

Posted: 10th August 2011 by icraigt in Technology
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Just a short time into the new (not-so daily) daily blog, I figured it was time for a makeover. As readers of this blog will know, I recently moved it over from Posterous to a second install of WordPress here on I used a temporary theme while I spent time looking for something fresh, […]