Fashionable Tech Trends: Latest Wearable Gadgets You Shouldn’t Miss

From fitness trackers to fashion accessories, it seems like the wearable technology industry has gained momentum on the market.  Thanks to these gizmos, we now have better ways to share information, analyse our health and add style to our outfits.  Currently, the most popular items out there are Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

But apart from these, are there any other wearable gizmos that are as trendy and nifty as them? Let us find out in this article.

Sensoria Socks

Photo courtesy of Nicola since 1972 via Flickr Creative Commons

To help runners veer away from injuries, Heapsylon developed an activity tracker that can identify running styles that are dangerous for athletes.  Unlike other gizmos that count footsteps or distance, it calibrates the weight distribution on your feet while walking, running, or standing.  With a custom-designed app, it will coach runners with the proper footwork to reduce the risks of getting injured.

Because of its analytical features, it is an ideal accessory for a device like the iPhone 5S.  According to O2, Apple’s latest handset is now equipped with an M7 coprocessor that continuously measures data coming from the device’s gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass. With these two gadgets, users will have a holistic analysis of their walking and running patterns.


Photo courtesy of wilbertbaan via Flickr Creative Commons

For those who are enthusiastic about honing their skills in golf, Golfsense is a swing analyser that you attach to your golf glove.  Using an iOS or Android app, you can determine how much you have improved over time.  Its sensor records the way you swing the club, your tempo, backswing plane, wrist release, and other factors that make you hit or miss the ball.  It also has this Cloud Synchronization capability that lets users share their results on the internet and analyse their improvements.


Photo courtesy of this_is_id via Flickr
Photo courtesy of this_is_id via Flickr

Overseeing your activities at night, Larklife is a smart wristband that has the ability to determine how much sleep you are getting using an app.  For insomniacs, this gear is very beneficial because it picks the right time in a sleep cycle to wake them up, thus improving their sleeping patterns.  Furthermore, it replaces noisy alarm sounds with a vibrating action.

NFC Ring

Photo courtesy of Tech_Glam via Flickr
Photo courtesy of Tech_Glam via Flickr

This simple accessory has two built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) transmitters for sharing public and private information. It can lock or unlock NFC-enabled doors and smartphones without physically touching them. It can also be used to share data like Wi-Fi passwords, website links, photos, and contacts with other users.

GER Mood Sweater

Photo courtesy of SENSOREE via Flickr
Photo courtesy of SENSOREE via Flickr

GER stands for Galvanic Extimacy Responder – a technology which was based from the classic lie detector test. It analyses the emotions of the wearer and presents them as an interactive light show on the collar. A tinge of aqua represents a relaxed and calm composure, while a red tone expresses exhilaration or nervousness.

These are just some of the highly recommended fashionable wearable gizmos that one should check out in order to be updated with today’s technological trend. We are certain that other wearable devices will soon be launched on the market, but so far, feast your eyes on the ones we’ve mentioned above.

Do you other fashionable tech trends in mind?

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Ford B-Max 3D Hologram

Thanks to the guys over at Peerindex, a couple of weeks ago I received notification that I was eligible to enter to win a 3D hologram of the new Ford B-Max.

As a “shot to nothing” I entered and was subsequently surprised when I received notification that I had won.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and a large parcel arrived at home. I was taken aback at just how large the parcel was. In fact it didn’t enter my mind that it was the hologram.

Anyway, upon opening it, I was very pleased to see that it was indeed the hologram…… a 3D hologram at that!

So, to the unboxing. Packaging opened, the hologram was presented in a black box, sporting the B-Max logo.

Opening the box, the hologram sat underneath a protective tissue layer. Underneath the hologram was a seemingly very good quality torch and spare batteries.

The torch was preset to a wide beam setting, ensuring the best experience when using it to view the hologram.

Naturally, without the light source shining at the hologram it appeared as a glossy black plastic sheet. As soon as the torch was shone on it, however, the B-Max was instantly visible.

I was blown away by the quality of the hologram, the B-Max springing up from the sheet in surprising detail. The depth of the hologram was also very impressive. Shifting the light source allows the B-Max to be viewed from different angles.

I’ll try and get some video to give a better view and perspective.

Update: Youtube has more than enough video clips of the hologram in action. Here’s a good one:

The boys are loving it and are intrigued by the image, reaching their hands into the 3D hologram as though they could explore the interior of the car.

If you use Peerindex and have the chance to enter this competition, go for it. It’s impressive. I read somewhere that they cost around $300 a pop (I’ve no idea if that is true). They certainly are very good quality and fascinating to play around with.

Update: Enter to win here:

Let me know what you think in the comments.


Wondering if you should buy a 3G or WiFi only iPad?

When it comes to the ipad, I am often asked whether the buyer should go for the WiFi only model or if they should consider the 3G model.

I’ve owned an iPad for several months now and use it a lot….a heck of a lot. In fact I find that 90% of what I used to do on my trusty old netbook is now carried out on the iPad. I blog from it, manage my inboxes, Twitter and other social networks on it, I research, browse and communicate from it. Most of what I do online I do on the iPad. It is that good.

I own a WiFi only model. For the most part that has been fine. I don’t travel a lot and when I do it’s typically a planned event and (where possible) I choose locations with plentiful WiFi access either on site or nearby (I need my digital fix).

So, would I recommend saving those extra pounds or dollars and sticking with the WiFi only model? No, I wouldn’t. My advice is always thus….. if you can afford the 3G model, buy the 3G model.

We are increasingly reliant on a data connection to manage our busy lives. It is fast becoming a second oxygen supply. With the 3G model you have a data connection available for a much larger percentage of time.

I thought I managed well with just a WiFi only iPad. However, as I have just upgraded the iPhone from my trusty old 3GS, I now have the ability to tether the iPad to the new iPhone. The result is obvious…. I am now using the iPad much more than I ever did before (and having to manage my data allowance very carefully).

If you are in the market for an iPad and wondering if you should stump up the extra cash and get a 3G version my advice is do it.

Of course…. it may be worth waiting a couple of months (if rumours are true…. they almost certainly are). iPad 3 is on the way and promises to be awesome.

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Technology on a huge scale

Sat watching the National Geographic channel and a program called Megafactories, the subject of this particular episode being the Lego factories and suddenly having one of those moments of awe.

It is truly awe-inspiring when you consider the scale of these factories. I don’t just mean the physical size of the building (which is phenomenal) but the size and scale of the logistics, of the mechanical assembly of the factories and of the machinery that creates, assembles, packs and manoeuvres the product, of the electronics involved in every stage of the manufacturing process and of the software that meticulously controls everything.

When you stop to think about the scale of the overall operation, from a technology perspective, it is mind-blowing.

Food for thought?

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