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Fashionable Tech Trends: Latest Wearable Gadgets You Shouldn’t Miss´╗┐

Ford B-Max 3D Hologram

Posted: 9th June 2012 by icraigt in Automotive, Technology
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Thanks to the guys over at Peerindex, a couple of weeks ago I received notification that I was eligible to enter to win a 3D hologram of the new Ford B-Max. As a “shot to nothing” I entered and was subsequently surprised when I received notification that I had won. Fast forward a couple of […]

When it comes to the ipad, I am often asked whether the buyer should go for the WiFi only model or if they should consider the 3G model. I’ve owned an iPad for several months now and use it a lot….a heck of a lot. In fact I find that 90% of what I used […]

Technology on a huge scale

Posted: 24th July 2011 by icraigt in Technology

Sat watching the National Geographic channel and a program called Megafactories, the subject of this particular episode being the Lego factories and suddenly having one of those moments of awe. It is truly awe-inspiring when you consider the scale of these factories. I don’t just mean the physical size of the building (which is phenomenal) […]