Rii K12 Ultra Slim 2.4GHz Keyboard

Here is the Rii K12 Ultra Slim 2.4GHz Keyboard.


I should make it very clear, this is an ultra slim keyboard so it’s not suited to being your everyday keyboard.

Where the ultra slim keyboard excels is in being very portable, as you’d expect. It is small; here it is pictured on my PC Specialist Optimus Series 15.6″ laptop. It’s a great size for dropping in a bag when you are going portable.



It’s also rechargeable so there’s no faffing about with batteries or worrying about having to carry spares. Key feel is very nice, with positive action, good resistance and a quiet operation.

Where I think the Rii excels (other than in portability) is the trackpad. The response is excellent and it is large enough to be very usable.

The main body of the Rii K12 is steel which keeps everything very solid (but not heavy). The keyboard sits at a slight incline to aid typing and comfort and there are 5 rubber feet to prevent you chasing it around your desk (three along the top and two at the bottom). The K12 feels very stable in use and is surprisingly easy to get along with (given its size). I found I was able to type reasonably fast within a couple of minutes use.

Being so small, Rii have had to be creative with layout so expect to find punctuation and symbols in non-standard locations.

Overall, the Rii K12 is the perfect travel companion. It is light, small and yet nice to use with a very good trackpad.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

This is typed with the new Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad. The feel is very good. Key layout is reminiscent of the Apple keyboard in that the keys are physically spaced from one another.

The key action is very satisfying, with just the right level of resistance allowing for the fingers to depress each key positively without requiring too much pressure (but of course offering enough resistance that keys are not depressed accidentally).

It’s also nice having the basic punctuation commands at the finger tips, compared to the onscreen keyboard, allowing for much aster typing. the command and ALT keys are also very useful, allowing for quick movement of the cursor to the end or beginning of a sentence (for example).

Overall I am very impressed with it. The iPad sits in the accompanying stand very well, even with the iPad in it’s cover (I have a first generation iPad with the Apple cover). There is a little pull out extension that allows the iPad to sit at a shallower angle.

It’s a great piece of kit. Response is perfect. I can type reasonably fast when I get going (albeit rather unconventionally) and the iPad and iPhone keep up with every key press.

I picked mine up from Amazon (affiliate link) for £40. Most places (at least when I was shopping around) have it for £50.

I highly recommend this one. I’m very happy I bought it.

I am @icraigt on Twitter.

Flickbooks for iPhone

When I first heard of Flickbooks I immediately saw the potential for a great novelty gift for family and friends.

Flickbooks is an app for the iPhone that allows you convert a 6-15 second video into a 50 page Flickbook, delivered to your door.

How it works

The process is very straightforward and the app well designed, making it all very easy.

Using the Flickbooks app you can either shoot a video directly within the app or choose an existing video clip from your iPhone. As the Flickbook needs a video clip of between 6 and 15 seconds , the app then presents an editing screen that allows you to choose the segments you prefer.

Editing is simply a case of dragging start and end markers until you have a section of suitable length video. There is a handy indicator at the side of the video editing screen that shows the duration of the segment you are editing. Choose the start and end points, ensuring the indicator sits between 6 and 15 seconds and you are ready to move to the next stage.

Video edit screen

The app now uploads your edited video clip to the server (you will need WiFi or a good 3G connection here) and presents you with the Flickbook cover for you to customise. Here you get to choose the text that adorns the front of the Flickbook as well as text colour and the colour of the Flickbook cover.

Cover edit screen

That’s just about it, it really is that simple. You can, at this point, either save the Flickbook to edit later or order a copy. Flickbooks are just €9.90 plus postage (typically €3 plus €1 per extra copy).

As a novelty gift idea I think that’s quite reasonable. Yes, you can view the video on your computer at any time but there’s something about having a tangible, physical thing to hold, it’s all so tactile and, in my opinion, a great keepsake for years to come.

I have created a Flickbook and shall update this post when it arrives in the post. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it comes out and showing the boys (I think they will love it).

I am @craigt44 on Twitter.