Blogsy…. testing

I’ve just downloaded Blogsy after watching a couple of the tutorial videos. It seems like a great way to connect your various media streams to your blogs, making photo and image selection (and video) very easy when drafting a blog post. The drag and drop (from your Picasa, Flickr, YouTube accounts) feature works very well indeed. The image below was dragged from my Picasa albums in just a couple of tap

The interface seems fairly straightforward and the app runs very well on my (old!) iPad 1. I was concerned that performance might be lacking on the old iPad but it runs very well indeed.

Anyway, just an initial post to try it out. I shall post more thoughts on it later, when I’ve had chance to use it more.
So far, so good!

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QuietWrite… an online writing tool that, once you start typing, clears all toolbars, icons and unwanted menus and text out of the way leaving you to concentrate on just your writing. It’s great!

If you write blog posts or just need somewhere to write without the distractions and clutter of all those adverts and menus then I highly recommend trying QuietWrite. Here’s a screen grab of me typing this post. As you can see, nothing but the writing! It’s pure genius. It’s pure simplicity.

I’ve written a number of posts on here which I then transfer to my blog. Ok, there’s no text formatting or hyperlink tools (you could obviously hand code the HTML tags) but it’s clean, simple, uncluttered writing bliss. It transfers (copy/paste) to your blog authoring screen/page without any formatting (plain text) so all you have to do is add the links and off you go (but read further… you can export).

Yes, there are menus, just move your mouse and they magically appear (yes, it uses real magic).

QuietWrite allows you to preview your writing, review revisions (yes, it has revision control), publish (currently within QuietWrite) and, most importantly (at least it is to me) export to your WordPress blog directly from the QuietWrite site.

There’s nothing to dislike. As the QuietWrite team say, it’s “A peaceful place to write, for anywhere”.

Have a read of the QuietWrite team blog for more information.

Drop a comment if you try it out, I’d love to hear what you think of it.

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Memolane updates

Meghan Krane (@meghan_krane), the Community Manager over at Memolane, today dropped an email with some much anticipated updates to the excellent Memolane service.  The changes highlighted in the email (see below) are all around privacy settings.  I particularly like the idea of being able to set the privacy settings for individual feeds (services).  One of the things I wanted to do was set up both a personal (family and friends) Memolane and a public Memolane.  With these changes there’s no longer a need to maintain separate Memolanes (I should point out that the service only allows / supports one Memolane, so this is a hypothetical rambling).  I highlight that as it was something I suggested as a potential future feature (support of multiple Memolanes).  However, I like this implementation much better.  I only have to maintain one Memolane and control the content via privacy settings.. nice.

Here’s an extract from the email:

Here’s a preview of some of the changes you will see on Memolane today:

  • Instead of selecting a privacy setting for your entire Memolane, you can now choose a privacy setting for each of your online services, to set their privacy.
  • We offer a new level of privacy, now you can set your online services to be completely private, shared only with your Memolane friends, or public.
  • The “Online Services Settings” page has been renamed “Privacy and Services” and redesigned.
  • Your existing privacy setting for your Memolane will initially be applied to all of your added services, so the privacy of your lane will be exactly the same as before this change.

We have been working very hard on the new privacy settings and we hope that they give you more flexibility to share your online history with your friends and re-live great memories!

The site will be down from 5 a.m. PST to 7 a.m. PST (2 p.m. CET to 4 p.m. CET) today in order to add these new features.  I can’t wait to start updating my Memolane!

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