Robot Wars returns tonight!

I’m very excited that #robotwars returns on the BBC tonight (UK).  It’s been 12 years since it last aired and, this time around, it has the always interesting Dr Lucy Rogers on the judging panel and is being hosted by none other than Dara O’Briain.

In the run up (it’s now just 30 minutes from the show airing) I set up a Twitter Monitor (Raspberry Pi coupled to a Pimoroni Blinkt) to flash on every mention the of the Robot Wars hashtag.  Needless to say, it has been and continues to go absolutely crazy!  It’s almost flashing continuously.

BBC Two tonight at 8pm (UK).

HDMIPi Initial Setup

The temporary HDMIPi setup (awaiting the Raspberry Pi B+ before getting everything wholly contained in the HDMIPi casing).

The display itself is really nice. Bright, crisp, 1280×800 display with good view angles (horizontal better than vertical).

Next step is to mount the B+ into the case and pick up a cheap keyboard+trackpad combo (wireless). Once compete, the only thing external to the HDMIPi case will be the keyboard and power supply.

Then it’s time to pick up a PiGlow and get the boys to program the Pi to light it up.

#raspberrypi #hdmipi



The Raspberry Pi arrived!


I’m very excited to report that my Raspberry Pi arrived yesterday.

I’m blown away by the size of the device. It somehow feels smaller “in the flesh” than I had anticipated.

Anyway, my plan is to hook it up to the TV and use it as a means of accessing the interewebs, in particular catch up TV services such as the BBC iPlayer (which will be much better quality than through the Wii).

I’ve ordered an SD card and have the Debian distribution ready to install. I shall be digging out one of my old micro USB chargers and then firing it all up.

I can’t wait to start playing. Should be a couple of days for the SD card to arrive which will give me enough time to have everything else ready.


Watch this space….. or this space over on Storify!