Twitter has released an update to its official iOS app, taking it to version 4.1. The […]
When it comes to the ipad, I am often asked whether the buyer should go for […]
ALK Technologies have just released an update to the Copilot Live navigation app. This update brings […]
The excellent Blogsy app for the iPad (on which I am writing this post) has been […]
Box has just pushed an upgrade (to version 2.5.2) for their iOS app which reportedly improves […]
I’ve just downloaded Blogsy after watching a couple of the tutorial videos. It seems like a […]
They’re coming thick and fast tonight. Posterous have just released a useful update to add drafts […]
Echofon just dropped an update to its iOS Twitter app, offering up several bug fixes. I […]
Hootsuite have just released an update to their iOS app, taking it to version 2.3.4. See […]
An update to the excellent WordPress iOS app has just landed, taking it to version 2.9.3. […]