HDMIPi Initial Setup

The temporary HDMIPi setup (awaiting the Raspberry Pi B+ before getting everything wholly contained in the HDMIPi casing).

The display itself is really nice. Bright, crisp, 1280×800 display with good view angles (horizontal better than vertical).

Next step is to mount the B+ into the case and pick up a cheap keyboard+trackpad combo (wireless). Once compete, the only thing external to the HDMIPi case will be the keyboard and power supply.

Then it’s time to pick up a PiGlow and get the boys to program the Pi to light it up.

#raspberrypi #hdmipi



Interior lights update

Next on the hit list was the interior lights….. gone is the yellow tinge after fitting LEDs.

I used these.


The end result is really nice, although the picture doesn’t really do it justice.



Next will be the foot well lights!

app.net made it’s funding target!

Well, app.net achieved it’s funding goal and I’m proud to say I was within the first 1000 to back the service (user 890).  If you haven’t joined, head over to join.app.net before 11:59pm PDT today to be one of the first in, an alpha tester.

app.net is much publicised so I won’t add more here.  Head over to Dalton Caldwell’s blog to read more.

The app.net service is already buzzing with great conversation and content.  Native iOS and Android apps are in development by independent developers (users of app.net) as are some great web apps and mobile web apps.  check out the preliminary list of what’s being worked on here: https://github.com/appdotnet/api-spec/wiki/Directory-of-third-party-devs-and-apps

app.net promises to be about delivering a product for the user, the customer NOT the advertisers.  That is a breath of fresh air.

You can find me on app.net as icraigt (direct link: alpha.app.net/icraigt).

How to view page source on an iOS device

Thanks to Tweetmeme, I discovered this article by OSX Daily on viewing page source on an iOS device.

Setting up the bookmarklet takes just a few seconds and gives a nicely formatted output of the page source, including clickable links.

I find it a little slow to run but useful nonetheless.

In the comments on the OSX Daily article, there is also mention of a service called Snoopy which also allows you to “snoop” on the source code. Again, very useful, although links aren’t clickable.

Useful tools for spying on the code behind websites.



Wondering if you should buy a 3G or WiFi only iPad?

When it comes to the ipad, I am often asked whether the buyer should go for the WiFi only model or if they should consider the 3G model.

I’ve owned an iPad for several months now and use it a lot….a heck of a lot. In fact I find that 90% of what I used to do on my trusty old netbook is now carried out on the iPad. I blog from it, manage my inboxes, Twitter and other social networks on it, I research, browse and communicate from it. Most of what I do online I do on the iPad. It is that good.

I own a WiFi only model. For the most part that has been fine. I don’t travel a lot and when I do it’s typically a planned event and (where possible) I choose locations with plentiful WiFi access either on site or nearby (I need my digital fix).

So, would I recommend saving those extra pounds or dollars and sticking with the WiFi only model? No, I wouldn’t. My advice is always thus….. if you can afford the 3G model, buy the 3G model.

We are increasingly reliant on a data connection to manage our busy lives. It is fast becoming a second oxygen supply. With the 3G model you have a data connection available for a much larger percentage of time.

I thought I managed well with just a WiFi only iPad. However, as I have just upgraded the iPhone from my trusty old 3GS, I now have the ability to tether the iPad to the new iPhone. The result is obvious…. I am now using the iPad much more than I ever did before (and having to manage my data allowance very carefully).

If you are in the market for an iPad and wondering if you should stump up the extra cash and get a 3G version my advice is do it.

Of course…. it may be worth waiting a couple of months (if rumours are true…. they almost certainly are). iPad 3 is on the way and promises to be awesome.

I am @icraigt on Twitter.


What do I do?

I have been asked a couple of times recently, via Twitter, what it is that I do.

Take a look at the screen shot of the Apple iPad regulatory information screen below.

I am responsible for obtaining those regulatory certifications for technical consumer and non-consumer products. Ok, so not for Apple (I wish!) but I have provided support, consultancy, project management and test support for mobile telecoms products (I have certified products to all of the regulatory marks in the picture and many more besides) as well as industrial hazardous area equipment.

Take a look at these Sendo phones.

I was responsible for the technical regulatory and commercial certification of every one of these devices. I have also undertaken the approvals of a large chunk of the Motorola mobile devices and accessories product portfolio.

Right now I am running the Hazardous Area Product approvals for KROHNE Ltd. Take a look at our website to see the products I am responsible for.

In may spare time (there ain’t enough of that) I am a husband to a wonderful wife, a Dad to two amazing boys, something of a tech geek/nerd with tendencies toward “i” devices, a sometimes blogger, a huge mobile telecoms fan (that is the bulk of my professional background), an F1 fan (less so now than back in the 80’s and 90’s) and an admirer of all things beer and iphoneography.

I have an iPhone permanently attached to my hand(s), an iPad attached as often as possible, I tweet a lot and I possibly moan too much. I frequently comment on, pass opinion on and enjoy most things social media (the benefit of, the use of, the tools for). I love to tinker and I am excited by doing things like this.


So, now you know.

I am @iCraigt on Twitter and you can find me on Google+ here.

Things are a changing

After much deliberation I decided to rebrand myself online.  I made the decision that craigt44 was lacking a little imagination on my part and felt that I needed something both without numbers (after all, in my case at least, it screams of “I want craigt but it’s taken so I’ll add some numbers on the end”) and something that hints a little at what I’m all about.

I wanted an ID that was still me (Craig) but with a subtle giveaway as to my love of all things tech (and my passion for Apple products).  So, iCraigt seemed like a good fit.  I am now iCraigt on most of  the online services I use.

The new site (tech blog) is over at iCraigt.com.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on both the site and, more importantly, the new brand.

I am @iCraigt on Twitter and you can find me on Google+ here.