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Google closes Motorola Acquisition

As an ex-Motorolan I have very mixed feelings about the Google acquisition of Motorola. On one hand I’m happy as it offers (potential) financial security, an opportunity to continue working on new handsets and it offers Google a pool of

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Google Drive

Looking forward to trying out Google Drive….. It’s a waiting game now.

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Google+ update released

A new update for G+ just landed bringing an improved photos UI and the ability to start a Hangout from Messenger. I am @iCraigt on Twitter.

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Google+ app updated

The Google+ app for iOS has just received an update, taking it to v1.0.7.2940. Updates include search, full resolution image uploads and +1 for photos. I am @iCraigt on Twitter and you can find me on chime.in here.

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Google+ for iOS now with Hangouts!

In this update to the Google+ iOS app, iPhone owners are brought bang up to date with Android handsets. Just as the recent Android update, this iOS update adds the ability to Hangout directly from the iPhone. It will be

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Google+ for iOS now with resharing!

Google have just released a much anticipated update for the iPhone app. iPhone users will now be able to reshare posts from the handset, a significant and long awaited feature. I am @iCraigt on Twitter and you can find me on Google+ here.

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Google+ is growing on me

No, I’m not about to post another review of Google+. However, I just had to get off my chest that I am starting to really like it…. a lot. Circles is a great feature. I’ve just been looking over my

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Google+ for iOS is here!

If you have been waiting patiently, as I have, for Apple to approve the Google+ app….. the wait is over. You can download the app here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google/id447119634?ls=1&mt=8 Let me know what you think….  I shall write up a review after I’ve

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