Google closes Motorola Acquisition

Motorola logo
Motorola logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As an ex-Motorolan I have very mixed feelings about the Google acquisition of Motorola.

On one hand I’m happy as it offers (potential) financial security, an opportunity to continue working on new handsets and it offers Google a pool of very talented hardware experts.

On the other hand I’m concerned that Google have bought the Motorola patent portfolio and, now it has that, will be looking to offload the handset business (Huawei anyone?).  Selling off the handset business may work out well for Motorola of course but I do fear potential lay-offs as part of either process.

Time will tell.  I truly hope that jobs remain secure and that the marriage between Google (software) and Motorola (hardware) talent produces some amazing new handsets.

Read the official Google Blog post here.

I’d love to hear thoughts on this one in the comments below.

Google+ for iOS now with Hangouts!

In this update to the Google+ iOS app, iPhone owners are brought bang up to date with Android handsets.

Just as the recent Android update, this iOS update adds the ability to Hangout directly from the iPhone.

It will be interesting to see how thus works on the 3GS with it’s single, rear facing camera.

Other updates include sharing posts with individuals (previously it was only possible to share with circles), Huddle has been renamed Messenger, it is possible to send pictures during a Messenger session and it is now possible to +1 a comment.

The update is in the app store now.

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Google+ is growing on me

No, I’m not about to post another review of Google+. However, I just had to get off my chest that I am starting to really like it…. a lot. Circles is a great feature. I’ve just been looking over my Circles and seeing the simplicty of the setup.

Being able to target your posts is simply brilliant.

For example I can post local information to my “Local” circle which means I don’t have to spam everyone that follows me with information they really don’t want to hear / don’t care about.

I have a Circle for Warwicktweetup which allows me to communicate ONLY with the WTU members.

I have a test Circle that allows me to test out ways of using Google+ or for testing out other stuff without filling up streams.

It’s growing on me and I think it will be a long-term relationship.

Oh and the iPhone app makes it almost fully mobile (almost as it’s not possible to share posts, edit comments or target comments to individuals). The iPhone ap will develop further and should become very good indeed.

No, I won’t be leaving Twitter.

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