The Apple Experience

WWDC this year really solidified Apple’s clear view and vision of it’s end goal. The unified user experience, across all of it’s devices. It’s no secret this has been the long term vision of Apple for some time but I think we’ve seen their biggest push toward this during this year’s WWDC. Apple Silicon, Widgets…… Continue reading The Apple Experience

Buffer for iPhone, share content at the right time

Buffer is a great service. Its forte is enabling you to share content directly from where you are reading. Better still, Buffer allows you to set when the posts are published, providing you with a tool to share at optimal times, thus maximise your potential audience. The team at Buffer have provided a myriad of…… Continue reading Buffer for iPhone, share content at the right time

Springpad v3.0… Sporting a redesign

Springpad has released a sizeable refresh of its iOS app, adding a much more social feel to the whole experience. The UI has been radically redesigned (I’m still pondering over whether I prefer it or the previous version) and the iOS apps now offer sharing options. When creating a notebook you are given the option…… Continue reading Springpad v3.0… Sporting a redesign

Tweetbot v2.2 update

Tweetbot just received a very nice features update, most significantly full synchronisation via iCloud. This means full synchronisation of DMs, timeline position, mute statuses and more. There are also thumbnail previews for iTunes and YouTube. The best Twitter client just got a whole lot better.

How to view page source on an iOS device

Thanks to Tweetmeme, I discovered this article by OSX Daily on viewing page source on an iOS device.Setting up the bookmarklet takes just a few seconds and gives a nicely formatted output of the page source, including clickable links. I find it a little slow to run but useful nonetheless. In the comments on the…… Continue reading How to view page source on an iOS device