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Runkeeper now supports Pebble!

Posted: 7th May 2013 by icraigt in Technology
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This is great news! One of the reasons I bought Pebble was the promised Runkeeper support. Not the only reason but a significant one. Just need my Pebble now!

Sticking with the colour Pebble, despite my impatience

Posted: 14th April 2013 by icraigt in Technology

I’ve been contemplating reverting back to a black Pebble watch in order to get it sooner but have talked myself back into waiting patiently. I really think the colour Pebble options will help differentiate it from, date I say it, something more 80s Casio ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to admit Iโ€™m getting quite impatient though.

New Tumblr Android app

Posted: 8th April 2013 by icraigt in Technology

Been playing around with the new Tumblr app and really like it. I’ve no real intention of maintaining a Tumblr based blog but I had to give it a try. I do use the Tumblr blog as a means to display my Instagram posts though.

Reviewing my online accounts

Posted: 25th March 2013 by icraigt in Technology

I think I’m finally settling on which online services I want to continue using and keeping up to date. A long time (4 years) Twitter user, I can’t quite let go so have started to pick up my presence on there again after a fairly prolonged absence. It’s not what it used to be, not […]

Still looking forward to the Pebble watch

Posted: 17th February 2013 by icraigt in Technology

I recently shared a Google Plus post by Vincent Nguyen which essentially called out the Pebble watch as a $5 watch made in China. That saddened me a little and, at least for a while, lowered my expectations of the watch (I was an early backer and hope to have my Pebble delivered soon). However, […]

Time to move on

Posted: 15th February 2013 by icraigt in Technology
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After years on what I believe was ones of the best blogging platforms, today the inevitable was announced.ย  Posterous will be closing down on the 30th of April. It’s such a shame and very saddening that those behind the service sold out to Twitter. This is one of many services that have canned to the […]

Just a little test

Posted: 10th February 2013 by icraigt in Technology

I’m just trying out the WordPress app on Android. It seems very well featured and, assuming this post shows up, does what I need it to (write and publish blog posts). Clearly it’s early days but so far so good.

Pebble: iPhone and Android Apps Available!

Posted: 24th January 2013 by icraigt in Technology

Just need my Pebble now ๐Ÿ™‚ Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology ยป Pebble iPhone and Android Apps Available โ€” Kickstarter.

Just relaxing

Posted: 23rd December 2012 by icraigt in Technology

Pebble watch update #25: colours + SMS!

Posted: 8th December 2012 by icraigt in Technology

Final colours and SMS on iPhone!