I’m into the Google eco system in a big way. Although a long term Apple fan, […]
This is great news! One of the reasons I bought Pebble was the promised Runkeeper support. […]
I’ve been contemplating reverting back to a black Pebble watch in order to get it sooner […]
Been playing around with the new Tumblr app and really like it. I’ve no real intention […]
I think I’m finally settling on which online services I want to continue using and keeping […]
I recently shared a Google Plus post by Vincent Nguyen which essentially called out the Pebble […]
After years on what I believe was ones of the best blogging platforms, today the inevitable […]
I’m just trying out the WordPress app on Android. It seems very well featured and, assuming […]
Just need my Pebble now 🙂 Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology […]