Here is the Rii K12 Ultra Slim 2.4GHz Keyboard. I should make it very clear, this […]
The temporary HDMIPi setup (awaiting the Raspberry Pi B+ before getting everything wholly contained in the […]
Next on the hit list was the interior lights….. gone is the yellow tinge after fitting […]
I couldn’t stand that horrible yellow tinge of the side (DRL) lights, so fitted some Polargs […]
Yeah I know, not that exciting but at £11.84 delivered I just had to share this […]
’tis my new baby 🙂 Click the photo to enlarge it.
The latest Pebble app release brings with it improved Bluetooth connection reliability. That’s something I hope […]
Fashionable Tech Trends: Latest Wearable Gadgets You Shouldn't Miss
I bought a light that plugs into the USB port on the Chromebook/laptop.  It was a […]