17 years ago today I married my soul mate. We met 3 years prior at work […]
So, I’m thinking of writing a series of posts covering my productivity methods and techniques. I […]
WWDC this year really solidified Apple’s clear view and vision of it’s end goal. The unified […]
Clearly, I’ve not blogged for quite some time.  I think it’s time for an icraigt reboot. […]
Pebble has just announced that it is shutting down operations, having sold to Fitbit. I find […]
I’m downloading it now and will post my thoughts on it in due course…… https://fossbytes.com/raspberry-pi-adds-a-new-pixel-to-raspbian-linux-distro/
Read Ben’s post for the latest update to GPIO Zero! http://bennuttall.com/whats-new-gpio-zero-v1-3/
I’m very excited that #robotwars returns on the BBC tonight (UK).  It’s been 12 years since […]
Here is the Rii K12 Ultra Slim 2.4GHz Keyboard. I should make it very clear, this […]