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Thoroughly Disappointing: Pebble is Shutting Down

Posted: 7th December 2016 by icraigt in Technology

Pebble has just announced that it is shutting down operations, having sold to Fitbit. I find this to be a thoroughly disappointing move, not because I was amongst the first to back Pebble on their original Kickstarter but because, yet again, a company with an amazing product, that set itself aside from the mainstream, has […]

I’m downloading it now and will post my thoughts on it in due course……

What’s new in GPIO Zero v1.3? – Ben Nuttall

Posted: 16th September 2016 by icraigt in Raspberry Pi
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Read Ben’s post for the latest update to GPIO Zero!

Robot Wars returns tonight!

Posted: 24th July 2016 by icraigt in Technology
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I’m very excited that #robotwars returns on the BBC tonight (UK).  It’s been 12 years since it last aired and, this time around, it has the always interesting Dr Lucy Rogers on the judging panel and is being hosted by none other than Dara O’Briain. In the run up (it’s now just 30 minutes from the […]

Rii K12 Ultra Slim 2.4GHz Keyboard

Posted: 18th June 2016 by icraigt in Technology
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Here is the Rii K12 Ultra Slim 2.4GHz Keyboard. I should make it very clear, this is an ultra slim keyboard so it’s not suited to being your everyday keyboard. Where the ultra slim keyboard excels is in being very portable, as you’d expect. It is small; here it is pictured on my PC Specialist […]