Still looking forward to the Pebble watch

I recently shared a Google Plus post by Vincent Nguyen which essentially called out the Pebble watch as a $5 watch made in China.

That saddened me a little and, at least for a while, lowered my expectations of the watch (I was an early backer and hope to have my Pebble delivered soon).

However, the more I think about it, the more I’m looking forward to the Pebble. Yes, it looks a little on the cheap side, I guess $120 for a watch with additional connectivity and technology isn’t that much, but I think that might be part of it’s charm.

I’m also excited by the prospect of what developers will do once they’ve familiarised themselves with the SDK. I anticipate some great use cases in the not too distant future.

Initially I am looking forward to, obviously notification, but also the ability to control music and my Runkeeper app. I can safely pack the phone away in a waterproof pocket and not worry about having to pull it out whilst on the move.

So, I look forward to receiving my Pebble and all of the useful, interesting things that the developers will do with it.

By icraigt

Craig Thornton (@icraigt), Geek Dad, husband of @linsthornton, Principal Engineer at JLR, tech addict. All views my own.