Still looking forward to the Pebble watch

I recently shared a Google Plus post by Vincent Nguyen which essentially called out the Pebble watch as a $5 watch made in China.

That saddened me a little and, at least for a while, lowered my expectations of the watch (I was an early backer and hope to have my Pebble delivered soon).

However, the more I think about it, the more I’m looking forward to the Pebble. Yes, it looks a little on the cheap side, I guess $120 for a watch with additional connectivity and technology isn’t that much, but I think that might be part of it’s charm.

I’m also excited by the prospect of what developers will do once they’ve familiarised themselves with the SDK. I anticipate some great use cases in the not too distant future.

Initially I am looking forward to, obviously notification, but also the ability to control music and my Runkeeper app. I can safely pack the phone away in a waterproof pocket and not worry about having to pull it out whilst on the move.

So, I look forward to receiving my Pebble and all of the useful, interesting things that the developers will do with it.

Time to move on

After years on what I believe was ones of the best blogging platforms, today the inevitable was announced.  Posterous will be closing down on the 30th of April.

It’s such a shame and very saddening that those behind the service sold out to Twitter.

This is one of many services that have canned to the pressure of lining their pockets.

And that makes me all the more comfortable with my decision to invest my time and efforts in Google.

Read the Posterous announcement here.

Just a little test

I’m just trying out the WordPress app on Android. It seems very well featured and, assuming this post shows up, does what I need it to (write and publish blog posts).

Clearly it’s early days but so far so good.