Exciting times for online interactions

Wow, hot on the heels of the ADN (app.net) revolution, Diaspora today announced that it will become a community driven project.

This excites me on a number of levels. App.net is being shaped by the users and developers, as it set out to. Diaspora will now follow a similar path.

This has to be a good thing. We are on the verge of a shift in online interactions, in social media as we know it.

This makes me happy, it makes me excited, we are at the dawn of new tools, new apps and some fuck off brilliant ways of interacting with others.

What do you think, is this the start of the shift to something better?


app.net made it’s funding target!

Well, app.net achieved it’s funding goal and I’m proud to say I was within the first 1000 to back the service (user 890).  If you haven’t joined, head over to join.app.net before 11:59pm PDT today to be one of the first in, an alpha tester.

app.net is much publicised so I won’t add more here.  Head over to Dalton Caldwell’s blog to read more.

The app.net service is already buzzing with great conversation and content.  Native iOS and Android apps are in development by independent developers (users of app.net) as are some great web apps and mobile web apps.  check out the preliminary list of what’s being worked on here: https://github.com/appdotnet/api-spec/wiki/Directory-of-third-party-devs-and-apps

app.net promises to be about delivering a product for the user, the customer NOT the advertisers.  That is a breath of fresh air.

You can find me on app.net as icraigt (direct link: alpha.app.net/icraigt).