Old school toys, still working after 30+ years!

Today, I finally managed to get into the loft at my Dads (the house in which I grew up). Needless to say I could easily have spent hours up there, sifting through the boxes and bags to discover all my old stuff.

While up there today, I found our old Scalextric set. Scalextric was my brothers and he kindly allowed me to take it home today for the boys to enjoy. Thanks Wayne (@waynethornton69)!

We had a lot of track and I’m sure I only found half of it. Thankfully I found the cars, power supply and controllers along with the more interesting sections of track, like the cross-over chicanes, skid chicanes and lap counters.

Considering the track is over 30 years old and has spent the majority of the last 25 or so in a loft, I was amazed that it all just worked. Well, I say all …… one of the cars needs stripping down as the linkage between motor and wheels isn’t engaging and I managed to pop one of the controllers (I guess all those years in the loft took their toll).

The kit will need a new power supply (the old one works but is temperamental), a couple of controllers and at least one new car but I’ve just had a good hour of fun racing the JPS F1 car around a stretched oval (with crossover chicane!). I love the precision that is required with Scalextric. Theres a fine balance, as with racing a real car, between squeezing speed out of the car and keeping it on the track. Just a few minutes in, i found i could power slide the car around the corners and get a good speed up down the straight. This is old school fun!

I feel like a kid again and can not wait to show the boys in the morning!

Also in the loft, I found my old Race & Chase set! I spent many hours as a kid racing cars around this track, repairing bits as they went wrong, soldering new connectors and broken wires.

If that wasn’t enough, I also found this TCR set in which the cars actually change lane! Such great fun.

The Race & Chase and TCR sets look to be missing the metal contact strips on the underside of the cars but that will be an easy fix.

I think Scalextric will be our priority tomorrow 🙂

Ford B-Max 3D Hologram

Thanks to the guys over at Peerindex, a couple of weeks ago I received notification that I was eligible to enter to win a 3D hologram of the new Ford B-Max.

As a “shot to nothing” I entered and was subsequently surprised when I received notification that I had won.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and a large parcel arrived at home. I was taken aback at just how large the parcel was. In fact it didn’t enter my mind that it was the hologram.

Anyway, upon opening it, I was very pleased to see that it was indeed the hologram…… a 3D hologram at that!

So, to the unboxing. Packaging opened, the hologram was presented in a black box, sporting the B-Max logo.

Opening the box, the hologram sat underneath a protective tissue layer. Underneath the hologram was a seemingly very good quality torch and spare batteries.

The torch was preset to a wide beam setting, ensuring the best experience when using it to view the hologram.

Naturally, without the light source shining at the hologram it appeared as a glossy black plastic sheet. As soon as the torch was shone on it, however, the B-Max was instantly visible.

I was blown away by the quality of the hologram, the B-Max springing up from the sheet in surprising detail. The depth of the hologram was also very impressive. Shifting the light source allows the B-Max to be viewed from different angles.

I’ll try and get some video to give a better view and perspective.

Update: Youtube has more than enough video clips of the hologram in action. Here’s a good one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpqA9fWY7cg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

The boys are loving it and are intrigued by the image, reaching their hands into the 3D hologram as though they could explore the interior of the car.

If you use Peerindex and have the chance to enter this competition, go for it. It’s impressive. I read somewhere that they cost around $300 a pop (I’ve no idea if that is true). They certainly are very good quality and fascinating to play around with.

Update: Enter to win here: http://www.peerindex.com/vip/bmax

Let me know what you think in the comments.