Fetchnotes update available now

Looks like the crashing issue is fixed. You may need to delete the app and install afresh (I had to).

Fingers crossed it’s stable now. Looks to be a great way to make, keep, sort and find your notes. It’s a light app, not weighed down with excess features.

As I can now play with it I’ll report back with my thoughts in a couple of days.


Clear by Realmac Software

Shortest blog post ever.

Buy this app. Beautiful UI, simple but fantastic UE. Even the sounds make me smile.

It just works. It’s a pleasure to use. It makes the management of tasks and lists easy.

Seriously. Buy it.





Springpad v3.0… Sporting a redesign

Springpad has released a sizeable refresh of its iOS app, adding a much more social feel to the whole experience.


The UI has been radically redesigned (I’m still pondering over whether I prefer it or the previous version) and the iOS apps now offer sharing options. When creating a notebook you are given the option to make it private or public (a word of warning that the default option is public….. I don’t like that).

Adding content is interesting, with the Smart Bar offering up a number of suggestions based on what you start typing in. I found this a little annoying as I wanted to create a note. I typed “test” into the input field and tapped to “create a note with the title test”. However, as I tapped to create the note, a list of suggestions appeared, pushing the “create note” option to the bottom of the list and resulting in me selecting to add a book to my notebook instead.

I’ve also noticed that the iPad and iPhone apps haven’t synchronised properly. One particular notebook has 5 notes on the iPhone but 10 on the iPad. None of my attempts to force the two to synchronise has worked. One to keep an eye on.

Jury is out on the refresh. I’ll use it for a few days before passing final judgement.

I don’t think it will threaten my Evernote Pro subscription.

Tweetbot v2.2 update

Tweetbot just received a very nice features update, most significantly full synchronisation via iCloud. This means full synchronisation of DMs, timeline position, mute statuses and more.

There are also thumbnail previews for iTunes and YouTube.

The best Twitter client just got a whole lot better.