How to view page source on an iOS device

Thanks to Tweetmeme, I discovered this article by OSX Daily on viewing page source on an iOS device.

Setting up the bookmarklet takes just a few seconds and gives a nicely formatted output of the page source, including clickable links.

I find it a little slow to run but useful nonetheless.

In the comments on the OSX Daily article, there is also mention of a service called Snoopy which also allows you to “snoop” on the source code. Again, very useful, although links aren’t clickable.

Useful tools for spying on the code behind websites.



Raspberry Pi: Update


Extract from Raspberry Pi board at TransferSum...
Extract from Raspberry Pi board at TransferSummit 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










I have updated my Storify post on the Raspberry Pi here but, in summary, due to the need to  have the Raspberry Pi CE certified (read EMC and LVD compliance), there may be a short delay in shipments.

Read the full post on Storify here.

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Posterous is dead (well, possibly)…long live WordPress!

The acquisition of Posterous by Twitter has been well publicised. I, like many others, suspect that this aquisition will the end of Posterous, though I sincerely hope not. In an ideal world, Twitter would make it even better.

I have a photoblog on Posterous ( and love the simplicity of posting to it and sharing (cross posting) from it.

However, I am in the same camp as @richardmackney on this one and have decided that I need to move the photoblog to a new platform in order to avoid the possible (inevitable?) closure of Posterous. Read Richards excellent post on moving his blog here.

I chose to move the photoblog to WordPress. Initially this will be hosted on ( while I sort a new domain name (I was looking for an excuse to ditch and use, set up another WordPress install over on and import the photoblog. In fact the blog will remain (it’s a good backup).

Now I just need to figure out how to make all of the apps I use post to WordPress instead of Posterous (Instagram, Twitter apps etc).

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Path updates to v2.1

Path has dropped a great update to its already brilliant iPhone app, adding a new filter and improving those already included in the app.

There are more great tweaks and updates. Check out the screen grab below.


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