Month: March 2012

Thanks to Tweetmeme, I discovered this article by OSX Daily on viewing page source on an iOS device. Setting up the bookmarklet takes just a few seconds and gives a nicely formatted output of the page source, including clickable links. …

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                    I have updated my Storify post on the Raspberry Pi here but, in summary, due to the need to ┬áhave the Raspberry Pi CE certified (read EMC and LVD compliance), …

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I am @icraigt on Twitter.

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The acquisition of Posterous by Twitter has been well publicised. I, like many others, suspect that this aquisition will the end of Posterous, though I sincerely hope not. In an ideal world, Twitter would make it even better. I have …

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Path has dropped a great update to its already brilliant iPhone app, adding a new filter and improving those already included in the app. There are more great tweaks and updates. Check out the screen grab below. I am @icraigt …

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Box has just released a very useful update to its iOS client. Check the feature additions in the screen grab below. I am @icraigt on Twitter.

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Wunderkinder has just released a sizeable update to the Wunderkit iPhone app which offers up a lot of stability and bug fixes. I am @icraigt on twitter.  

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