Disappearing settings?

Not for the first time, my iPhone 4S has managed to lose the Personal Hotspot menu item from the settings menu.

When I originally moved from the 3GS to the 4S I was a little surprised (and very disappointed) to find that there was no way to enable the Personal Hotspot via the settings, to enable me to use the iPad over the iPhones 3G connection.

After many resets and a lot of head scratching I spoke with O2 who had me reset the network settings.  This resulted in the Personal Hotspot menu being reinstated but the WiFi settings being completely omitted from the device.  Another reset (hold power key and menu button until the Apple logo appears) and the WiFi settings reappeared.

The Personal Hotspot feature, in my experience, has always been very buggy.  More often than not (and I mean that quite literally) the iPad will not connect to the iPhone and a reset of one or both devices is required to get things working again.

This morning, after having used the Personal Hotspot feature for an hour or so, the menu item disappeared before my very eyes.  One minute it was there, the next it vanished.  I was in the settings menu and actually saw the Personal Hotspot menu item vanish.  I opened up the general>network settings page and the Personal Hotspot item wasn’t there either.


Another iPhone reset the menu item didn’t reappear.  I opened the general>network settings page again and saw the Personal Hotspot item reappear.  I navigated back to the top level settings page and hey presto it was back.

It’s currently working as it should…. for how long I don’t know.

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Zemanta – blogging tips & advice

I have just discovered Zemanta, a tool which promises to enrich the blogging experience by offering up an array of media and information rich content and sources of such content….. as you type!

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...
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As I am typing this (Zemanta needs a couple hundred characters to start figuring out what you are blogging about) a side panel is busy recommending content.  I have the Zemanta Chrome extension installed so that, as I type, it can do it’s thing and start pulling relevant content (whether that be images, Wikipedia references or something else) from which I can then read more about a subject (research), place an image in my post (simply by clicking on one of the suggested images) or insert a reference link.

The image below is included from said Zemanta content recommendations.  The links were all automatically included at the click of one button.

I’m impressed, looks like being a very useful service.
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What’s your go to service?

It dawned on me today, that the first app I reach for in the morning, my “go to” app, has changed. For as long as I can remember, Echofon Pro has always been the first app I’ve opened up of a morning. Twitter has always been the service I’ve checked first. Twitter is still the place I interact most, the place I discover and discuss, but I’ve recently taken to reaching for Path first thing in the morning.


The Path app is very well designed but what really makes it a great service, as with all such services, is the interaction. It’s the people using the service. Path is a much more closed affair, much more intimate. As people have to request permission to view it forces one to be more selective.

Thus far, I am loving the posts, the discussions and the folk.  If you haven’t tried Path I really do recommend it.

Take a butchers at what it has to offer here.

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Wondering if you should buy a 3G or WiFi only iPad?

When it comes to the ipad, I am often asked whether the buyer should go for the WiFi only model or if they should consider the 3G model.

I’ve owned an iPad for several months now and use it a lot….a heck of a lot. In fact I find that 90% of what I used to do on my trusty old netbook is now carried out on the iPad. I blog from it, manage my inboxes, Twitter and other social networks on it, I research, browse and communicate from it. Most of what I do online I do on the iPad. It is that good.

I own a WiFi only model. For the most part that has been fine. I don’t travel a lot and when I do it’s typically a planned event and (where possible) I choose locations with plentiful WiFi access either on site or nearby (I need my digital fix).

So, would I recommend saving those extra pounds or dollars and sticking with the WiFi only model? No, I wouldn’t. My advice is always thus….. if you can afford the 3G model, buy the 3G model.

We are increasingly reliant on a data connection to manage our busy lives. It is fast becoming a second oxygen supply. With the 3G model you have a data connection available for a much larger percentage of time.

I thought I managed well with just a WiFi only iPad. However, as I have just upgraded the iPhone from my trusty old 3GS, I now have the ability to tether the iPad to the new iPhone. The result is obvious…. I am now using the iPad much more than I ever did before (and having to manage my data allowance very carefully).

If you are in the market for an iPad and wondering if you should stump up the extra cash and get a 3G version my advice is do it.

Of course…. it may be worth waiting a couple of months (if rumours are true…. they almost certainly are). iPad 3 is on the way and promises to be awesome.

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Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

This is typed with the new Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad. The feel is very good. Key layout is reminiscent of the Apple keyboard in that the keys are physically spaced from one another.

The key action is very satisfying, with just the right level of resistance allowing for the fingers to depress each key positively without requiring too much pressure (but of course offering enough resistance that keys are not depressed accidentally).

It’s also nice having the basic punctuation commands at the finger tips, compared to the onscreen keyboard, allowing for much aster typing. the command and ALT keys are also very useful, allowing for quick movement of the cursor to the end or beginning of a sentence (for example).

Overall I am very impressed with it. The iPad sits in the accompanying stand very well, even with the iPad in it’s cover (I have a first generation iPad with the Apple cover). There is a little pull out extension that allows the iPad to sit at a shallower angle.

It’s a great piece of kit. Response is perfect. I can type reasonably fast when I get going (albeit rather unconventionally) and the iPad and iPhone keep up with every key press.

I picked mine up from Amazon (affiliate link) for £40. Most places (at least when I was shopping around) have it for £50.

I highly recommend this one. I’m very happy I bought it.

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