Gelaskin for the iPhone 4S

This morning, after waiting for almost a month, the Gelaskin I ordered for the iPhone 4S finally arrived.

I’m really happy with it. It fits perfectly, was very easy to fit and gives a little peace of mind that the back won’t get too scuffed up, whilst offering a nice feel (and a great image).

I highly recommend them, although I’d suggest finding a UK supplier as this ended up around £15 and took nearly a month to arrive.

I opted to only fit the back (I did fit the front and side ‘stickers’ but I didn’t like the look and could feel the edges of the stickers, which I found a little uncomfortable).

It’s a great product.

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Blogsy for iPad updated to v3.2

The excellent Blogsy app for the iPad (on which I am writing this post) has been updated to version 3.2, the Minotaur release.

In this release the developers have figured out how to parse the HTML code that Apple uses in order to present cleaner and more standard code on the HTML edit screen.

This version also introduces the ability to customise the Dock Bar which I personally welcome. It’s nice to make apps your own and if there’s a particular service you connect to the most, now you can move it to the top of the bar. Likewise, if there is a service you don’t use, now you can remove it altogether.

Check out the Blogsy Blog for details of the latest release.

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