What do I do?

I have been asked a couple of times recently, via Twitter, what it is that I do.

Take a look at the screen shot of the Apple iPad regulatory information screen below.

I am responsible for obtaining those regulatory certifications for technical consumer and non-consumer products. Ok, so not for Apple (I wish!) but I have provided support, consultancy, project management and test support for mobile telecoms products (I have certified products to all of the regulatory marks in the picture and many more besides) as well as industrial hazardous area equipment.

Take a look at these Sendo phones.

I was responsible for the technical regulatory and commercial certification of every one of these devices. I have also undertaken the approvals of a large chunk of the Motorola mobile devices and accessories product portfolio.

Right now I am running the Hazardous Area Product approvals for KROHNE Ltd. Take a look at our website to see the products I am responsible for.

In may spare time (there ain’t enough of that) I am a husband to a wonderful wife, a Dad to two amazing boys, something of a tech geek/nerd with tendencies toward “i” devices, a sometimes blogger, a huge mobile telecoms fan (that is the bulk of my professional background), an F1 fan (less so now than back in the 80’s and 90’s) and an admirer of all things beer and iphoneography.

I have an iPhone permanently attached to my hand(s), an iPad attached as often as possible, I tweet a lot and I possibly moan too much. I frequently comment on, pass opinion on and enjoy most things social media (the benefit of, the use of, the tools for). I love to tinker and I am excited by doing things like this.


So, now you know.

I am @iCraigt on Twitter and you can find me on Google+ here.

By icraigt

Craig Thornton (@icraigt), Geek Dad, husband of @linsthornton, Principal Engineer at JLR, tech addict. All views my own.