Things are a changing

After much deliberation I decided to rebrand myself online.  I made the decision that craigt44 was lacking a little imagination on my part and felt that I needed something both without numbers (after all, in my case at least, it screams of “I want craigt but it’s taken so I’ll add some numbers on the end”) and something that hints a little at what I’m all about.

I wanted an ID that was still me (Craig) but with a subtle giveaway as to my love of all things tech (and my passion for Apple products).  So, iCraigt seemed like a good fit.  I am now iCraigt on most of  the online services I use.

The new site (tech blog) is over at  I’d love to hear your thoughts on both the site and, more importantly, the new brand.

I am @iCraigt on Twitter and you can find me on Google+ here.

By icraigt

Craig Thornton (@icraigt), Geek Dad, husband of @linsthornton, Principal Engineer at JLR, tech addict. All views my own.