A new Warwicktweetup website?

Yup, the Warwicktweetup team don’t rest for long (ever?) and it seems they have already redesigned the website, with the expert help of @surefyre and @liquidblu_….. it’s due for release “soon”.

Head over to the Warwicktweetup Youtube channel for a glimpse of what’s coming, or watch below…..

Video produced by LiquidBlu

If you are in Warwick or the surrounding area, check out the Warwicktweetup website for upcoming events, how to get involved and sign up to meet and network with like minded people. Warwicktweetup works closely with the WNAA to help raise donations and support one of the regions most amazing, life-saving services.

Hope to see you at the next Warwicktweetup…… #WTU5

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Google+ for iOS now with Hangouts!

In this update to the Google+ iOS app, iPhone owners are brought bang up to date with Android handsets.

Just as the recent Android update, this iOS update adds the ability to Hangout directly from the iPhone.

It will be interesting to see how thus works on the 3GS with it’s single, rear facing camera.

Other updates include sharing posts with individuals (previously it was only possible to share with circles), Huddle has been renamed Messenger, it is possible to send pictures during a Messenger session and it is now possible to +1 a comment.

The update is in the app store now.

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WordPress for iOS updated to v2.9

The already brilliant iOS WordPress app just got a whole lot better with the introduction of version 2.9, featuring much needed additions such as rich text editing, quick links and a lot more space to enter all of your words.

It’s so easy to make things bold for example, or to strike out text.

Links are much easier too with the quick link button…. as easy as this. I would like a few more options in the link dialogue box (for example to set the target etc) but it’s a great leap forward and makes the app much quicker to use.

These are great updates and make for a much more productive app.

Go download it! Seriously!

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Today I am home working. That’s all good, I’m used to it as I’ve done it for a long time. Thankfully over that time both myself, the wife and the kids have all become used to the routine. The kids know not to disturb me and I find my day more productive than being in the office as I get less distractions.

Today is a challenge though. It hasn’t stopped me getting a lot done but both boys are off school sick so are a little clingy, very snotty and occasionally a little noisy. My wife is at work so I’m multitasking between sorting the boys out and getting through quite a mountain of work.

Writing presentations with all the distractions is a challenge…. but possible.

Roll on 17:15 when I get to down tools for the day!

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Measures HD updated to v1.0.1

The excellent Measures HD app for iPad has been updated to version 1.0.1. Along with some bug fixes there aree a few new units added into the mix.

If you haven’t tried out Measures and are in the market for a unit conversion app, I can not recommend it highly enough. I use it almost daily and can not fault it.

Full review to follow.


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Things are a changing

After much deliberation I decided to rebrand myself online.  I made the decision that craigt44 was lacking a little imagination on my part and felt that I needed something both without numbers (after all, in my case at least, it screams of “I want craigt but it’s taken so I’ll add some numbers on the end”) and something that hints a little at what I’m all about.

I wanted an ID that was still me (Craig) but with a subtle giveaway as to my love of all things tech (and my passion for Apple products).  So, iCraigt seemed like a good fit.  I am now iCraigt on most of  the online services I use.

The new site (tech blog) is over at iCraigt.com.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on both the site and, more importantly, the new brand.

I am @iCraigt on Twitter and you can find me on Google+ here.