As I proof a technical white paper on the subject of mobile telecommunications product testing for a friend, I find myself craving the world I had to leave behind a couple of years ago.  It makes me miss it more than I expected.

I miss the environment, I miss the people and I miss the cut and thrust of a very fast-paced industry.  I find myself yearning for the acronyms (GCF, PTCRB, NAPRD, PICS, PIXIT, EMC, BT, USB, LTE, RFT, HSDPA, HSUPA, Rel-7, 3GPP, TS51.010, FDD, OMA, USIM and so on).

I worked with some of the most intelligent minds in the business, with exceptional software engineers, product managers, program managers, design engineers (electronic & mechanical), NPI engineers, quality specialists, executive managers, validation engineers and many many more.  I work with incredibly talented people now but I must admit to missing the mobile telcoms business very much indeed.

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