Month: July 2011

Last night I had a comment on a Google+ post that both stopped me in my tracks and made me really look at how I use social media. I make no secret of the fact that I use Twitterfeed to …

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Nope, there’s no mention of it if that’s what you thought when you read the title. But it is the subject of this musing. I wonder if we will still see TweetDeck on the iPad following the Twitter buy-out. I …

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Rethinking my online existence and how, what, why I post. I am @craigt44 on Twitter and you can find me on Google+ here.

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I tweeted earlier about the need for strong internal communication and had a brief discussion with @LTB27 and @1980_anna on the same subject who had, it seems, been discussing the very same subject earlier. I’ve worked for 4 companies now, …

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Sat watching the National Geographic channel and a program called Megafactories, the subject of this particular episode being the Lego factories and suddenly having one of those moments of awe. It is truly awe-inspiring when you consider the scale of …

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Back in March I posted a review of Localscope for iPhone . I use Localscope when looking for services or shops etc when visiting somewhere new. It’s a great discovery app. Well, the team at Cynapse have released Localscope for …

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When I first heard of Flickbooks I immediately saw the potential for a great novelty gift for family and friends. Flickbooks is an app for the iPhone that allows you convert a 6-15 second video into a 50 page Flickbook, …

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No, I’m not about to post another review of Google+. However, I just had to get off my chest that I am starting to really like it…. a lot. Circles is a great feature. I’ve just been looking over my …

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As I tackle my task list for the day it has me thinking about how I tackle it. Like many, I guess, I don’t think too much about it but I do tend to (must be a subconcious thing) start …

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If you have been waiting patiently, as I have, for Apple to approve the Google+ app….. the wait is over. You can download the app here: Let me know what you think….  I shall write up a review after I’ve …

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