VoiceMan for iPhone

Back in November I reviewed an app for the iPhone called DataMan.  The dataMan app allows you to monitor your data usage, with the ability to geotag exactly where you use that data.

Well, imagine the same great functionality but for your voice usage.  That’s where VoiceMan comes in.

I’m not going to go in to a lot of depth here as the app is essentially the same as DataMan but for voice.

You get the same four levels of alarm (enter a % usage against your allowance and you will get a pop-up message when you reach it), you get the same real-time tracking of usage and the same ability to geotag your usage.  As per DataMan you can set daily, weekly and monthly allowance limits and track all usage by day, week and month as well as being able to see precisely where each call was made.

If you have a usage allowance and regularly get close to or go over that allowance, this app is invaluable.

Take a read of my review of the DataMan app to see exactly how the apps work.

With VoiceMan you can now track your call allowance.  Add DataMan too and now you can track all of your chargeable usage and keep those monthly bills to a minimum.

Version 1.0 of VoiceMan is available in the app store (iTunes link) for just £1.19 ($1.99).

I haven’t run any trials to determine battery usage with all the tracking features turned on but would assume the same results as for DataMan.

Have you used VoiceMan?  What do you think?  I’d love to hear your comments.

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New Apple Tablet?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title for this post.

Today, a colleague offered up a blast from the past in the shape of an Apple Newton MessagePad.  18 years on it’s amazing to see it working.  It’s not what you would call blisteringly fast but it reasonably accurately recognised my hand-written scribbles and converted them accordingly.

This particular model is the M100 or “original MessagePad”. I won’t go into detail about what it offered as a simple Google search will reveal all.  Take a look at the Wikipedia entry for the device.

Needless to say it was an entertaining look at Apples past!  Seems they were a little ahead of themselves.

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(better picture to come!)