Well, it’s official, Wunderlist has joined Microsoft.

I use Wunderlist in my day-to-day task list management and am very happy with it (I’ve tried a lot of task management apps).

I really hope the transition into Microsoft doesn’t cloud the vision the 6wunderkinder team has.  I’m sure it will be a positive move that will help the team realise their long term goals for the product(s) on their roadmap.

Read the 6wunderkinder blog here.

Google are currently in testing for the sub-$100 Chromebit stick that brings the Chrome OS to an HDMI enabled monitor.

Read more on Engaget: http://www.engadget.com/2015/03/31/google-chromebit/ 


WordPress for Android 3.5 includes a new Material Design look and more

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Up and Running

Posted: 1st December 2014 by icraigt in iCraigt, technology
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I’m really pleased with the performance of the model B+ (over clocked to 900MHz). It runs Minecraft Pi fluidly and general navigating around is fine.

Now I have to learn how to use it to do some interesting stuff!

Raspberry Pi Model B+: http://youtu.be/Mhdf7AZuur8

HDMIPi Initial Setup

Posted: 30th November 2014 by icraigt in iCraigt, technology
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The temporary HDMIPi setup (awaiting the Raspberry Pi B+ before getting everything wholly contained in the HDMIPi casing).

The display itself is really nice. Bright, crisp, 1280×800 display with good view angles (horizontal better than vertical).

Next step is to mount the B+ into the case and pick up a cheap keyboard+trackpad combo (wireless). Once compete, the only thing external to the HDMIPi case will be the keyboard and power supply.

Then it’s time to pick up a PiGlow and get the boys to program the Pi to light it up.

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Pebble rolls out revamped Android app, firmware support for 80+ new languages

This is the Fitbit Surge, a $250 ‘superwatch’ with built-in GPS

Need. This. Now.

Battery technology has lagged the advancement of the smartphone quite considerably. We are now so accustomed to charging our phones once or twice a day that we often forget the good old days of a week long battery charge.

While this technology doesn’t make the battery last longer, it does the next best thing and minimises charge time whilst minimising the impact to the environment by reducing how often we throw batteries away.

It has to be a good thing! Bring it on!